An Emacs client for CircleCI
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CircleCI client for Emacs

Running M-x circleci gives you a buffer with a list builds steps for any given project. Press enter on a build to see steps, or press g to refresh. Use C-u M-x circleci to have it prompt for a specific project and branch instead of infering from your .git directory. M-x circleci-latest takes you directly to the latest build for a project.

It will prompt you for a CircleCI token and can save that token in ~/.authinfo.gpg if you have your GPG key set up properly.

You will need to create a CircleCI token.

Note that this is not officially supported by CircleCI.

To install, place it on your load-path and add an autoload:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/src/circleci.el")
(autoload 'circleci "circleci" "List CircleCI builds" t)
(autoload 'circleci-latest "circleci" "Show CircleCI build output" t)

No dependencies outside Emacs are required.


Copyright © 2017 Phil Hagelberg and contributors

Licensed under the same license as Emacs (GPL v3 or later)